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The electrical systems in the passenger car are becoming more and more extensive. In some cases, this involves more wires and plug connections, which increases the chance of malfunctions. The training “Diagnosis of electronic systems 1” deals with diagnostic strategies and various measuring methods, which provide a good basis for solving electrical faults.


  • Describe the characteristics of series and parallel
  • Apply Ohm's law to determine voltage, current, and resistance value
  • Describe and interpret the relationship between voltage, current and power
  • Applying the multimeter to perform voltage, current and resistance measurements
  • Applying the multimeter and electrical diagrams to detect simple faults, such as a defective component, wire breakage or voltage drop


After attending the online training and the practical day “Diagnosis on electronic systems 1”, the student is able to apply various diagnostic strategies to electrical systems and to detect electrical faults.
  • Automotive Academy
  • AC2002
  • Technicus
  • Elektronica

Diagnose aan Elektronische systemen 1
  • Autotechnici op niveau 1, 2 en/of 5 jaar relevante praktijkervaring
  • 1,5 uur online / 1 dag praktijk

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